Aggott, Mr. Albelt F. Claim Department
American Mutual Liability Insurance Co.
P.O. Box 103, Boston 17, Mass
Albert, Roy E., M.D. New York Operations Office
Atomic Energy Commission
P.O. Box 30, Ansonia Station, New York, N.Y.
Amdur, Marvin L., M.D. Balancoard Industrial Clinic
775 Tonawanda St. Buffalo 7. N.Y.
Andrews, Mr. Earle T. Vice Pres. In Carge of Operations
PennsylVania Glass Sand Crop.
Ashe, Mr.arry B. Vermont Department of Health
Industrial Hygiene Division
71 Washington St. Barre, Vt.
Eaetjer, Anna M., ScD. Jonns Jopkins School of Hygiene
615 N. Volfe St. Baltimore 5, Md.
Bamberger, Paul J., M.D. Bethlehem Steel Co.
701 E. Third St. Bethlehem, Pa.
Banako, Mr. F. R. Mgr., Compensation and Safety Department
Bethlehem Steel Co.
Bethlehem, Pa.
Barnes, Mr. H. W. N.Y. State Crushed Stone Assodiation
P. O. Box 846. Rochester 3, N.Y.
Barrett, Clara B., M.D. Associate Clinician
Tuberculosis Control Division
State of Georgia, Department of Public Health
Atlanta, Ga.
Baum, Wm. S, M.D. National Cancer
Bethesda, Md
Beattie, John, M.D. Strangeways Research Laboratory
Wort`s Causeway, Cambridge, England
Belknap, Elaston L., M.D. 231 West Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisc.
Bell, Robert F., M.D. University of Colorado (Acting Head)
Medical Center
Department of Medicine
4200 East Ninth Ave. Denver, Colorado
Bellmare, Betrand, M.D. Ministere du Travail
Quebec, Canada
Benedict, Karl L., M.D. Norton Company
Worcester, Mass.
Bennett, Mr. Herman J. Workmen's Compensation Board
80 Center St. New York 13, N.Y.
Berger, Mr. L. B. U. S. Bureau of Mines
4800 Forbes St. Pittsburgh 13, Pa.
Best, Mr. George E. Mutual Chemical Co. of America
1348 Block St. Baltimore 31, Md.
Beyer, Mr. Richard H. Secty., Inter-Allied Foundries of N.Y. State
282 Delaware Ave. Buffalo 2, N.Y.
Bierau, Mr. H. Dudley American Locomotive Co.
Schenectady, N.Y.
Bowditch, Mr. Manfred Dirctor of Health and Safety
Lead Industries Association
420 Lexington Ave. New York 17, N.Y.
Braendli-Wyss, Dr. Burgdorf, Switzerland
Braun, D. C., M.D. Medical Director
Industrial Hygiene Foundation of America
4400 ??? Ave. Pittsburgh 13, Pa.
Brennan, J. H. L., M.D. Chest Services Department
????? Conposasiton Found
303 University Ave. Toronto 1, Canada
Brieger, H., M.D. jefferson Medical College
1025 Walnut St. Philadelphia 7, Pa.
Bristol, Leonard J., M.D. Head, Department of Radiology
The Trudeau Foundation, Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Brodkin, Henry A., M.D. 1060 Broad St.
Newark 2, N.J.
Brooker, Mr. C. E. Safety Director
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp.
Watervliet, N.Y.
Burrow, Cherles J., M.D. Division of Occupational Health
U. S. Public Health Service
1014 Broadway Cincinnaati 2, Ohio
Cartier, Paul, M.D. Industrial Clinic
Thetford Mines, Quebec, Canada
Chen, John Y. H., M.D. Department of Hospitals
Bellevue Hospitals
First Ave. & 26th St. Mew York 16, N.Y.
Compeau, Mr. Henry A. Michigan State Accident Fund
1602 Cadillac Tower Detroit "6, N.Y.
Connolly, Mr. William L. Director, U. S. Department of labor
Bureau of Labor Standards
Washington 25, D.C.
Cooper, W. Clark, M.D. U. S. Public Health Service
Division of Occupational Health
1014 Broadway Cincinnati 2, Ohio
Cox, Mr. W. W. Arrow Mutual Insurance Co.
23 Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut Hill, Mass.
Cranch, A. G., M.D. Medical Consultant
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.
30 East 42nd St. New York 17, N.Y.
Curtis, H. G., M.D. Sunny Acres Hospital
Cleveland 22, Ohio
Dallimore, Mr. S. T. Chippawa, Ontario, Canada
Daniels, Major R. G. Army Environmental Health Laboratory
Army Chemical Center, MaryLand
Davis, W.T., M.D. Moses Taylor Hospital
Scranton 10, Pa.
Dennison, Mr. D. S. Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Building
Doherty, Mr. R. Emmet Industrial Engineer
Anthracite Institute
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Donlon, Hon. Mary Workman's Compensasion Board
State Office Building Albany, N.Y.
Donovan, Mr. P. H. Assistant General Counsel
Erie Railroad Co.
Midland Building Cleveland 15, Ohio
Doust, H. Burton , M.D. 108? Wemdell? Terrace?
 3, N.Y.
Drinker, Prof. Philip, ScD. Harvard School of Public Health
55 Shattuck St. Boston 15, Mass.
Eckert, Mr. William F. Pickands Mather & Co.
2000 Unicon Commerce  Cleveland 14, Ohio
Eddy, George P., M.D. Carborundum Co.
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Eglee, Edward P., M.D. 105 East 53rd St. New York, N.Y.
Eisenbud, Mr. Merril U. S. Atomic Energy Commission
70 Columbus Ave. New York 23, N.Y.
Esele, Mr. William  
Evans,, M. R., M.D. 25 W. Ridge St. Lansford, Pa.
Fehnel, Mr. J. William P.O. Box 172 Central Station
Jamaica 35, N.Y.
Ferguaon, Mr. R. H. Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Building
25 Prospect Ave. N.W.  Cleveland 1, Ohio
Ferlaino, Frank R., M.D. General Motors Co.
1175 Broadway New York, N.Y.
Fiedling, Wm., M.D. Pickands Mather Co.
Norway, Mich.
Fins, Mr. Melvin L. 741 Equitable Building
Baltimore 2, Md.
Flahiff, Dr. E.W, M.B. Workmen's Compensation Board
Kirkland Lake, Ontario Canada
Fleming, Mr. B. J. Great Lakes Carbon Corp.
18 East 48th St. New York 17, N.Y.
Fletcher, Charles, M.D. Department of Medicine
British Postgrandnate Medical School
Ducane Rd., London W12, England
Foster, Mr. D. A. Gouverneur Talc Co. Inc.
Governeur, N.Y.
French, James, M.B. University Hospital
Ann Arbor, Mich
Friedman, Louis L., M.D. Friedman Diagnostic Clinic
1124 South Twentieth St. Birmingham 3, Ala.
Frits, Frank A., M.D. Colunbia-Southern Chemical Corp.
Barberton, Ohio
Gentholts, Mr. A. J. Assistant Counsel Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Building
25 Prospect Ave. N.W.  Cleveland 1, Ohio
Gillespie, David G., M.D. City of Cleveland Hospital
Cleveland 9, Ohio
Grainger, T. R., M.D. Canadian Johns-Manville Clinic
Asbestos, P. G?.
Greenburg, Leonard, M.D. N. Y. State Department of Labor
80 Centre St. New York 13, N. Y.
Gregoire, Fernand, M.D. Medical Director, Institut Lavoisier
5757 Boulevard Bosemont
Nontreal 36, P. Q., Canada
Gustin, Mr. J. A. Gouverneur Talc Co.
Gouverneur, N.Y.
Hamlin, L. E., M.D. American Brake Shoe Co.
2501 Blue Island Ave.  Chicago, Ill.
Hampe, Jan. f., M.D. Prosector at the Pathology Laboratory,
Wilhelmina Hospital
Municipal University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hannon, J.W.G., M.D. Washington Trust Building
Washington, Pa.
Hanson, Harry A., M.D. Assistant Medical Director
Kodak Park Works
Eastman Kodak Co.  Rochester, N.Y.
Hardy, Harry A., M.D. Massachusetts General Hospital
Fruit St.  Boston 14, Mass.
Hatch, Prof. Theodore F. Industrial Health Engineering
The University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh 13, Pa.
Hayes, Mr. D. L. Laverack & Haines, Inc.
718 White Building  Buffalo 2, N.Y.
Hayes, Mr. E. A. Union Asbestos & Rubber Co.
332 S. Michigan Ave.  Chicago 4, Ill.
Heins, Mr. Cherles V. The State Insurance Fund
652 Madison Ave.  New York 22, N.Y.
Henry, Russell S., M.D. 725 Hume Mansen Building
Indianapolis, Ind.
Herman, Nathern B., M.D. Chairman, medical Board for
Occupational Diseases
1041 St. Paul St.  Baltimore 2, Md.
Hilfinger, Mr. Martin F. Pres., Associated Industries of N.Y. State, Inc.
361 Delaware Ave. Buffalo 2, N.Y.
Hill, Mr. James L. 616 North Walnut St.
Lansing 15, Mich.
Hueper, W. C., M.D. Chief, Cancerigenic Studies Section
National Cancer Institute
U. S. Public Health Service
National Institutes Health
Betheada 14, Md.
Hugh-Jones, Philip, M.D. Reader in Medicine
University College of the West Indies
Mona St. Andrew, Jamaica,  B. W. I.
Hussey, Raymond, M.D. Scientific Director
Couneil on industrial Health
American Medical Association
535 N. Dearborn St.  Chicago 10, Ill.
Irvin, E. A., M.D. Medical Director, Medical Department
Cadillac Motor Car Division
Detroit, Mich.
Jackson, Mr. H. M. Johns-Manville Corp.
22 East 40th St.  New York 16, N.Y.
Jarsen, Frank J., M.D. Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corp.
Detroit 26, Mich.
Johnstone, Rutherford T., M.D. 502 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles, Cal.
Joos, Howard, M.D. Strong Memorial Hospital
Rocnester, N.Y.
Kalmykow, Mr. Andrew Assistant Manager, Casualty Department
Association of Casualty and Surety Companies
60 John St.  New York 38, N.Y.
Kaltreider, Nolan, M.D. 295 Alexander St.
Rochester 7, N.Y.
Kehoe, Robert A., M.D. College of Medicine
Eden Ave.  Cincinnati 19, Ohio
Kelly, R. Emmet, M.D. Monsanto Chemical Co.
1700 S. Second St.  St. Louis, Mo.
Kerr, Lorin E., M.D. 907  15th St., N.W.  Washington 6, D. C.
Kienzle, T. C., M.D. Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
30 Rockefeller Plaza  New York 20, N.Y.
Kline, Mr. Edward M. General Electric Co.
10515 Carnegie Ave.  Cleveland, Ohio
Knight, Mr. B. Jay Chairman, Industrial Commission of Illinois
160 N. LaSalle St. Chicago, Ill.
Knox, J. F., M.D. Rochdale, lancastghire
Knechle, Mr. B. E. Vice Pres. & Claim Manager
Employers Mutual Liability Insurance Co. of Wisconsin
Employers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Wausau, Wisc.
Kuschner, Marvin, M.D. New York University,
Bellevue Medical Center
477 First Ave.  New York 16, N.Y.
Lachance, Mr. Maurice Dust Control Engineer
Quebec Asbestos Mining Association
P. O. Box 247
Thetford Mines,  Thetford, Que. Canada
Lange, Mr. Paul Employers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Wausau, Wisc.
Lanza, Anthony J., M.D. Chairman, Institute of Industrial Medicine
New York University
Bellevue Medical Center
477 First Ave.  New York 16, N.Y.
Laskin, Mr. Sidney New York University
Bellevue Medical Center
477 First Ave.  New York 16, N.Y.
Lauer, D. J., M.D. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
Pittsburgh, Pa
Learnan, Mr. F. H. American Locomotive Co.
Schenectady, N.Y.
Levin, Morton L., M.D. Assistant Commissioner for Medical Services
N. Y. State Department of Health
Albany, N.Y.
Long, N. Gillmor, M.D. 260 Tremont St.
Boston 16, Mass.
Lovejoy Strong Memorial Hospital
Rochester, N.Y.
Luts, Karl F., M.D. Associate Medical Director
General Motor Corp.
3044 West Grand Blvd.  Detroit 2, Mich.
Lynch, Kenneth M., M.D. Medical College of the State of South Carolina
16 Lucas St. Charleston, S. C.
Machle, Willard, M.D. 816 S.E. 25th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Mallett, Dean W., M.D. 730 North Limestone St.
Springfield 5, Ohio
Mangano, Mr. B. T. 112 State St.
Albany, N.Y.
Marshall, Mr. J. O. St. Joseph Lead Co.
Balmat, St. Lawrence County, N.Y.
Martin, George O., M.D. Public Square
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Martin, J. E., Jr., M.D. Golden Clinic
Elkins, W. Va.
Mason, Elwood W., M.D. 324 E. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisc.
Massie, Mr. E. W. Devoy Building
Ironwood, Mich.
Mayer, Edgar, M.D. 850 Fifth Ave.  New York, N.Y.
McCahan, J. F., M.D. 553 N. Dearborn St.
Chicago 10, Ill.
McCann, Wm. S., M.D. Strong Memorial Hospital
Rochester 20, N.Y.
McConnell, W. J., M.D. Assistant Medical Director
Industrial Health Bureau
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
1 Madison Ave.  New York 10, N.Y.
McCord, Carey P., M.D. Institute of Industrial Health
111 Maternity Hospital
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Mich.
McCormick, Mr. W. E. The B. F. Goodrich Co.
Akron, Ohio
McGee, Lemnel C., M.D. Hercules Powder Co.
900 Market St.  Wilmington, Dela.
Mckay, Raymond C., M.D. City Hospital
3395 Scranton Road  Cleveland, Ohio
McVeigh, Mr. James F. 239 Perrine Ave.  Elberon, N. J.
Mears, Wm. G., M.D. 779 Bergen Ave.  Jersey City 6, N. J.
Merewether, E. R. A., M.D. H.M. Senior Medical Inspector of Factories
Ministry of Labour and National Service
St. James Square  London, S.W.L.,  England
Mider, G. B., M.D. National Cancer Institiute
Bethesda 14, Md.
Miller, Chas. W., M.D. 408 Humboldt Building
St. Louis, Mo.
Miller, Seward E., M.D. Medical Director, Chief, Div. Of Occupational Health
Federal Security Agency
Pubilc Health Service
Washington 25, D. C.
Morgis, Miss Genevieve Health Branch, U. S. Bureau of Mines
3700 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, D. C.
Motley, Hurley L., M.D. Barton Division, Jefferson Hospital
Broad & Fitswater Sts.
Philadelphia 47, Pa.
Muenser, J. A., M.D. 406 E. Broadway  Toledo 5, Ohio
Nale, Thomas W., M.D. Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.
30 East 42nd St.  New York 17, N.Y.
Nelson, George O., M.D. Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.
30 East 42nd St.  New York 17, N.Y.
Nitowaky, Harold, M.D. Epidemiology Branch
Federal Security Agency
Health Service
Atlanta 5, Ga.
Noe, Joseph T., M.D.  
Nye, Robert, M.D. Strong Memorial Hospital
Rochestor, N.Y.
Orenstein, A. J., M.D. Chief Medical Officer
Rand Mines, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1056
Johannesburg, South Africa
Parker, Joseph G., M.D. Division of Occupational Health
U. S. Public Health Service
1014 Broadway  Cincinnati 2, Ohio
Parks, Mr. E. C. Republic Steel Corporation
Republic Building
25 Prospect Ave., N.W.  Cleveland 1, Ohio
Patek, Mr. S. W. Ironwood, Mich.
Pedrosa, Salvador, M.D. Cia. Minere de Penole S.A.
Apartmdo Postal 251
Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
Peters, E. S., M.D. West Coast Sanatorium
Corner Brook, Newfoundland  Canada
Peterson, C. M., M.D. American Medical Association
535 N. Dearborn St.  Chicago, Ill.
Pierpoat, John, M.D. Box 1201
Montreal, Wisc.
Pinkerton, H. A., M.D. 9 Newport Hts.
Ironwood, Mich.
Pratt, Philip C., M.D. Associate Pathologist
The Saranac Laboratory, Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Price, Leo, M.D. Industrial Medical Association
275 Seventh Ave.  New York 1, N.Y.
Ramey, Chas. W., M.D. Republic Steel Corporation
Republic Building
25 Prospect Ave., N.W.  Cleveland 1, Ohio
Reed, Mr. Paul K. Special International Representative
United Mine Workers of Amrica
1435 K Street, N.W.  Washigton 5, D. C.
Regan, Mr. James J. The Self Insurers Association
165 Broadway,  New York 6, N.Y.
Rhoads, Cp P., M.D. Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases
444 East 65th St.  New York, N.Y.
Richardson, Mr. Geo. E. Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.
101 Main St.  Towanda, Pa.
Richards, Paul S., M.D. 202 E. South Temple
Salt lake City, Utah
Roberts, Mr. Wrren C. Electrometallurgical Division of
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Roberts, William T., M.D. Bethlehem Steel Co.
Bethlehem, Pa
Robinson, E. B. Jr., M.D. Medical Director
Lldyd? Holand Hospital
Fairfield, Ala.
Roebber, H. M., M.D. St. Joseph Lead Co.
Bonne Terre, Mo.
Rohde, F., M.D. Departamento Medico
?????????????lting & Refining Co.
Mexican Minig Department
Mexico 1, D.F.,  Mexico
Rountree, W. B., M.D. Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Building
25 Prospect Ave. N.Y.  Cleveland, Ohio
Rush, Alva D., M.D. Chryaler Corporation
P.O. Box 1919  Detroit 31, Mich.
Sabourin, Mr. Ivan Quebec Asbestos Producers Association
Edifice Aldred Building
Montreal, P. Q. Canada
Samuelsen, George S., M.D. Columbian Carbon Co.
214 44th St.  Brooklyn 32, N.Y.
Sander, O. A., M.D. 710 No. Plankinton Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisc.
Sayer, Mr. Henry D. Gen. Mgr. Compensation Insurance Rating Board
125 Park Ave.  New York 17, N.Y.
Schlueter, Mr. C. F. Employers Mutual Liability Insurance Co.
of Wisconsin    Wausau, Wisc
Selby, C. D., M.D.  
Sgarlata, Mr. C. R. American Locomotive Co.
Schenectady, N.Y.
Shaver, C. G., M.D. Niagara Peninsula Sanatorium
St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada
Simpson, Mr. R. M. Columbia-Southern Chemical Corp.
Manager, Pigment Sales
5th Ave. at Bellefield  Pittsburgh 13, Pa.
Skinner, Mr. John B. American Mntual Liability Insurance Co.
142 Berkeley St.  Boston 16, Mass.
Smith, K. W., M.D.  
Smith, William E., M.D. New York University
477 First Ave.  New York 16, N.Y.
Soennichsen, Mr. E. W. American Locomotive Co.
Schenectady, N.Y.
Solandt, D.Y., M.D. Dept. of Physiological Hygiene
University of Toronto
Tronto, Ontario   Canada
Spiegl, Mr. Charles J. Atomic Energy ProJect
University of Rocheser, Medical School
Rochester, N.Y.
Spike, Mr. J. Edward Jr. American Cancer Society
47 Beaver St.  New York 4, N.Y.
Sprague, Mr. C. E. Bethlehem Steel Co.
Lackawanna 18, N.Y.
Stephens, Mr. J. A. Construction Sales Corp.
11 No. Pearl St.  Albany 7, N.Y.
Sterner, James H., M.D. Eastman Kodak Co.
343 State St.  Rochester 4, N.Y.
Strain, Mr. Franklin Columbia-Southern Chemical Corp.
Barberton, Ohio
Stratton, Mr. R. C. 700 Main St.  Hartford 15, Conn.
Sullivan, Mr. Joseph A. Chief Examiner, Compensation Claims
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
175 Berkeley St.  Boston, Mass.
Sutherland, R. B., M.D. Department of Health
Toronto, Ontario,  Canada
Symons, Mr. Noel S. 440 M and T Building   Buffalo, N.Y.
Tate, Mr. Greye 1038 Brown Marx Building
Birmingham, Ala.
Taylor, Mr. George E. Sulliban, Indiana
Tebrock, H. E., M.D. Sylvania Electric Products Inc.
1740 Broadway  New York 19, N.Y.
Tellefsen, Mr. Donald Great Lakes Carbon Corp.
18 East 48th St.  New York, N.Y.
Than, Mr. S. Robert Zurich-American Insurance Co.
55 john St.  New York 7, N.Y.
Thompson, Mr. M. W. Treas. & Gen. Mgr., The Hall China Co.
East Liverpool, Ohio
Tiernan, Mr. J. Harry, Jr. 716 Erie County Bank  Bauffalo 2, N.Y.
Tourangeau, F. J., M.D. Quebec Ministry of Health
Division of Industrial Hygiene
1570 St. Hubert St.  Montreal, P.Q. Canada
Tobin, Mr. Clifford V. Exec. Secretary, N.Y. State Crushed Stone Assn.Inc.
State Bank Building, 75 State St.
Albany 7, N.Y.
Turdeau, Francis B., M.D. Pres., Board of Trustees of the Trudeau Corp.
Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Tucker, Mr. Warren C. First Mational Bank Sales Corp.
11 No. Pearl St.  Albany 7, N.Y.
Turner, Mr. C. W., Jr. Construction
Sales Corp.
11 No. Pearl St.  Albany 7, N.Y.
Urban, Mr. E. C. J. Industrial Hygiene Engineer
The Saranac Laboratory, Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Van Ordstrand, H. S., M.D. Cleveland Clinic
2020 E. 93rd  Cleveland 6, Ohio
Van Wirt, Mr. A. E. Imperial Paper & Color Corp.
Glens Falls, N. Y.
Vera, Mlguel, M.D. Cia. Minera de Penoles S.A.
Apartado 251, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
Vidal, J. A., M.D. 454 Sherbrooke East
Montreal, P. Q. Canada
Vorwald, Arthur J., M.D. Director, The Trudeau Foundation
and The Saranac Laboratory
Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Vosburgh, B., M.D. General Electrical Co.
Schenectady, N.Y.
Wagner, Mr. Richard C. 60 John St.  New York, N.Y.
Walker, Mr. R. M. 718 White Building, Buffalo, N.Y.
Wal???th, Mr. Herbert T. Safty Eng. Dept., Div. Of Industrial Hygiene
Lumbermen's Mutual Casualty Co.
4750 Sheridan Rd.  Chicago 40, Ill.
Waring, James J., M.D. 4200 E. 9th Ave.  Denver, Colo.
Waters, Mr. Theodore C. Industrial Counsel
Mulliken, Stockbridge & Waters
Baltimore, Md.
Whipple, Harry, M.D. Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
Box 1663  Los Alamos, New Mexico
Whitney, Chas. F., Jr. 55 E. Washington St.
Room 1533  Chicago 2, Ill.
Wiesley, Mr. Otto A. Industrial Commission of Utah, Chairman
State Capitol   Salt Lake City, Utah
Wolpaw, Sidney E. 825 Rose Building
Cleveland 15, Ohio
Wright, George W., M.D. Head, Department of Physiology
The Trudeau Foundation
Saranac Lake, N.Y.
Wyatt, John P., M.D. St. Lous University School of Medicien
1402 South Grand Blvd.
St. Louis 4,  Mo.
yaffe, Mr. C.D. U. S. Public Health Service
1014 Broadway  Cincinnati, Ohio
York, J. M., M.D. Diamond Alkali Co.
P.O. Box 430  Painesville, Ohio
Yu, Paul, M.D. Strong Memorial Hospital
Rochester, N.Y.
Zielinaki, John F., M.D Brush Beryllium Co.
Luckey, Ohio